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Audit Company was founded in 1993. Its activity under BDO flag started in 1997. Currently, there are around 100 specialists working in two offices of the Company (Dnepropetrovsk and Kiev).

We are always friendly to our clients; therefore tend to solve their problems.

Use the advantage of co-operation with BDO in Ukraine

1. Recognition of independent auditor's report
The independent auditor's reports issued by our company as a full-fledged partner of BDO international network are recognized by all foreign and international companies and institutions.
It is important for Ukrainian companies in their search for foreign sources of financing, as well as for foreign companies planning investments in Ukraine.

2. Services of high quality
Having joined BDO international network, our company took responsibilities involving the service quality control executed by a foreign partner of BDO international network.
In accordance with BDO International network requirements, 'BDO' undergoes quality assurance review every two years. The results of the last check-up confirmed the professionalism of the company and the highest level of services rendered to the Clients.

3. Focuses on practical results
While rendering various services or taking any actions on behalf of the Clients, 'BDO' strives to be of practical benefit, be it minimisation of risks and reduction of losses or business promotion by means of sound recommendations and practical solutions.

4. Obtaining diversified consulting
The auditors of 'BDO' are working in close contact with their colleagues from all member companies of BDO International so that any problem of a client could be resolved or any question answered with the professional support and assistance of the whole BDO network.
If needed, our company can obtain additional consulting from any first-grade experts of BDO International network for Ukrainian and international clients.

5. The principle of auditors' specialisation
Among our strongest features is the ability to unite experts of different specialisation for the implementation of effective and progressive solutions for our Clients.
The principle of auditors' specialisation in different branches of economy is realized, for example, in forming a team headed by an expert in taxes and an expert in oil-and-gas industry to fulfil an order of an oil company related to tax planning. Such model is traditional for foreign audit companies and it has obvious advantages due to the application of specialised knowledge.

6. Professional Indemnity insurance
Insurance of audit risk is an inseparable part of the activity of a solid audit company. A mistake made by an auditor may cause problems for the Client. That is why in our agreements risks are subject to insurance with a foreign insurance company rendering services to BDO international network. It ensures reliable protection and gives additional guarantees to our clients.

7. Reduction of audit expenses
The technology of audit in all partner companies of BDO is based on a unified methodological approach, which complies with national norms of audit in a particular country. Being refined for years, this technology helps auditors concentrate on the practical issues of company efficiency to achieve maximal results within the minimal period of time.

8. Optimum prices and conditions of payment
We stick to the principle: 'Optimum level of prices - for quality corresponding to the international standards'. The system of fees for our professional services is distinguished by flexibility and allows to apply an individual approach while servicing a Client. At the same time, our Client gets the additional guarantee of economic profitability of the cooperation with 'BDO' Company.